Welcome to the month of Diwali, diyas, and dust! The pollutants from  various chemical emitted from the bursting of firecrackers take approximately 3 days to settle and aggravate different types of allergies leading to  bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, pneumonia and the common cold.

Here are four ways to stay away from respiratory allergies this Diwali.


untitled-design-7Exercise caution around fireworks

 The smoke of any kind can trigger an asthma attack and it can also aggravate symptoms for people with respiratory allergies. 

 A study suggested that barium aerosols found in the fallout from large-scale fireworks displays, for example, could potentially exacerbate asthma.

 People with asthma and other respiratory allergies should exercise caution around fireworks, primarily by limiting their exposure and adopting general allergy friendly measures. Avoid handling lit fireworks and sit away from the area underneath where they are being set off.
If you experience allergy symptoms from fireworks, the most likely explanation is that you have asthma or another allergic condition that is being aggravated by smoke in the air.
Sulphur Dioxide released from crackers, has a drastically damaging effect to the lungs it also causes wheezing & shortness of breath.
The dust particles in pollution due to firecrackers are also a concern for many people those who are allergic to dust particles. People with heart, lung, and problems of the central nervous system are more affected by noise and dust.

Wear a protective mask while outside.



demonstration-1294299_960_720 Say no to noise.

Increase amount of noise has harmful effects on animals as well as humans. Standard decibel level for humans is 60 dB.
Increase in the decibel level can lead to:Restlessness,Temporary or Permanent Hearing Loss,Tinnitus( ringing sensation in the ears),Fidgetiness,High Blood Pressure,Anger,Heart Attack,Sleep Disturbance,Impulsiveness.
It can also lead to withdrawal behaviour or hyperactivity in pregnant women, children & those suffering from respiratory problems.Say no to bursting crackers like  atom bomb.


medication Be medication ready

Take your regular medication or keep it on hand in case of an emergency.Bronchitis and Asthma patients under the guidance of a doctor change the dosage of their medicine intake during this period of the year as heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in the firecrackers make breathing even more troublesome for them.Headaches & reduced mental acuity can be a manifestation of excessive (more than 100 ppm) exposure to suspended particles from bursting of crackers.


epi-penGear up for Emergencies.
 Allergic reactions may aggrevate and manifest as a sudden attack.If you have experienced or prone to sudden attacks of allergy keep an EPI pen ( adrenalin shot) handy. In case of an anaphylactic attack,breathing may be hindered due to closing of the airway. Prescribed inhaler and medication, cough syrup should be within reach at all times.This will help keep the airway open atleast till you get to a doctor.



This article is curated by Dr Lakshmi Shastry ,BDS, Bangalore, 2 yrs experience.