People living in urban areas have to deal with traffic every day. Long commutes leads to frustration and road rage.  Road rage can be triggered despite following rules. An increasing number of accidents are attributed to road rage with nothing but violence to report for. We must take some measures to prevent participating or escalating in a road rage situation.

What can be done to avert this?

  • Avoid distractions like texting, talking on your cell phone while driving.
  • Simply ignore the other driver’s road rage provocation or rash driving if one is a target of it.
  • Follow safe driving practices to protect yourself, both in terms of health & the law.
  • Acknowledge & apologize for a mistake, to avoid minimize damage and violence.
  • One must always keep the purpose of the journey in mind.

Fatalities can occur due to road rage due to an inability to control impulses. If someone honks at you it would be really difficult to ignore that person but it’s the safest thing to do!

More than half of the traffic facilities are accounted for aggressive driving. Common behaviors like failing to observe signs and regulations, seeking confrontations with drivers, racing, tailgating are some of the most shocking behaviors found in aggressive driving. Speeding is a leading cause for several fatal crashes.

Even after a very strong public awareness and a good understanding of aggressive driving, many people are ready to excuse aggressive driving. It is also astonishing that many drivers find speed driving as acceptable. Adopt safe driving practices, ignore provocations, to reach your destination health and happy!