To cope with the physical and mental stress of today’s rat race, exercise is one of the essential tools. Exercise not only boosts physical strength but also helps improve mental health. Exercise apart from keeping one fit, helps to reduce the risks of life style diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, joint and muscle problems.

Exercising triggers happiness

Exercise is the beneficial stress that we can subject ourselves to release “feel good hormone” or scientifically known as dopamine. With regular work out, this neurotransmitter can help build physical and emotional health of an individual. A stress buster that leads to less anxious and generally happier person also helps boost confidence. It also helps in curing depression, memory loss and many other conditions. Women, especially during menopause can greatly benefit to nullify the hormonal effects from mood swings, osteoporosis, etc..

Which is the best Exercise for me?
Exercise can be anything from a daily activity like climbing stairs to well charted muscle building work out.

Today, many activities constitute exercise. Walking, Jogging, Running, Yoga, Aerobics, Tai Chi, Zumba, Jujitsu, various forms of dance and sports all constitute the wide spectrum of workout. Gym memberships with the whole package are always an alternate to having in-house exercise equipment.

With a little help and guidance from the professionals, one can identify the best regime of exercise. It is always better to start off simple and challenge yourself towards progression.

5 Simple tips to make exercise fun:
• Get your favorite people together for a health & wellness activity.
• Put together your motivational playlist
• Natural ways – Go for a walk, cycle, swim or hike
• Dance –Dance can tone and sculpt the body
• Skip rope – Jumping a rope can burn the same amount of calories as walking.

Exercise not only helps one shed the few extra kilos and stay toned, but also get the body’s “self-defense” ready. Practicing gratitude after exercise works adjutant to help elevating mood and cultivate a positive attitude. Let’s get active!