Post Diwali cleaning is as important as pre-festive arrangements.Poor dietary choices of festival food that’s mostly sweet, fried or both and lack of exercise during the festive season leave us feeling guilty of over indulging. A detox diet helps our body to recover from this. Here are four ways to get back to your healthy self post festive season.


detox Detox environment and self

A healthy body and sound mind need a clean environment. Pay heed to your surroundings. All the fireworks that lit the night sky are now dust and discards.Follow steps of segregating waste and be careful while cleaning leftover fireworks. Do not handle burnt crackers and metal pieces from sparklers without gloves. Do not store unused crackers at home.

As for yourself, to detox – start your day with a tall glass of lukewarm water with a few drops of lemon juice. Vitamin C is essential for repair and rejuvenation. Lukewarm water helps the body to metabolize toxins better and flush them out and reduces bloating.Consume at least 2-3 liters of water in a day.Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which increase the production of detoxification enzymes in humans.Try it.Say no to sugar, refined flour and fizzy drinks.Increase your fiber intake through fruits and vegetables.Use natural flavors like turmeric, ginger, black pepper are known for their antioxidant and immunity-building properties


exercise-969300_960_720Exercise back to normal routine

Getting back to the normal routine should be a transition to avoid over exerting yourself. Follow your exercise regime but one step at a time.If you have missed exercising a couple of days in a row, you might feel sore after the first time you get back on the treadmill. Start with simple exercises and hit the gym soon after. Have long brisk walks in the neighbor hood park.

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Address the stress

Studies have revealed how air pollution and periodic exposure to fine particulate stressmatter actually affects the blood vessels with several abnormal changes in the blood that are markers for heart disease to increase the risk of disease, which was previously unknown.Living in a polluted environment could promote the development of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke more pervasively and at an earlier stage than previously thought. Have a follow up blood pressure check up and take measures to address the changes.Changes in food habits might leave you with acidity manifesting as heart burn.Consult a doctor to differentiate this from heart related issues.


This was the first time I tried a home hemoglobon A1C test, the one that gives an overall reading on my blood sugars for the past 3 months. Previously getting a result meant going to my doctor and/or a lab, and waiting for the results... with this one, I can do it at home and get a reading in 5 minutes. Now I need to amp up my exercise and try to get that number below 7.0

Post Diwali Diabetic Check ups

Hurry and grab those festive healthcare packages and catch up to those missed tests and doctor consultations. If you have missed any tests, consult a doctor to know when to reschedule.If you or any family member is diabetic,know when to undergo HbA1c test.
It is recommended to check HbA1c at least 2 times a year & more frequently for those with uncontrolled sugar levels. This blood test doesn’t require fasting state & can be done at any time of the day. Although HbA1c % measures average blood glucose over the past 3-4 months, more recent glucose levels (recent 4-6 weeks) impact the result more. Hence it is sometimes recommended to measure HbA1c levels 6 weeks after a change in therapy (medicines / insulin) to see the effectiveness of the treatment.Abnormal HbA1c is usually due to an altered meal or activity patterns, inappropriate type of medicine,need for addition or dose adjustment in medication.

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 This article is curated by Dr Lakshmi Shastry ,BDS, Bangalore, 2 yrs experience.